Code for Detroit

Join us in promoting civic hacking, open data, and community involvement in technology for Detroit and its citizens.

Everyone is welcome. No matter if you're a community organizer, designer, coder, aspiring coder, publicist, writer, or anything in between, there's work to be done.

Our Projects


We're providing real-time Detroit Department of Transportion information to apps, developers, and citizens. Data is available in a standard format from the OneBusAway API.

More resources:
  • The API endpoint is
  • The API key is BETA

Detroit Future City

We're working to put the massive Detroit Future City plan online so that everyone can read, discuss, and share it.


Edit your city! DetroitWiki is a website about Detroit that anyone can easily edit. It's collected information ranging from coffee shops in Detroit to detailed profiles of mayoral election candidates.

You can dive in any any time — or we'd love to host a training & editing party for your group.

Bring your own!

Our weekly meetups are a place to share your projects, no matter if they're ideas or fully-built apps. Come for help, support, or just to chat.